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The place to find info on all the events, brought to you by the biggest student society in the best student city in the UK. Times, locations and ticket information are here alongside loads of information about MedSoc discounts, Past Events and our Medic Sports teams and Societies. Feel free to contact any of the medsoc team to find out how they can help you work hard, and play a lot harder.


A little change in plans…

Cocktail revelers. Due to an unprecedented number of ticket sales you eager ‘beavers’ have made it possible to move the cocktail party to an EVEN BIGGER VENUE so theres MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES and more OUTRAGEOUS FANCY DRESS.

But where i hear you cry???

At the bloody BEAVERWORKS of course.

Not only that, we’ve gone and booked the one and only FRUITY DJ to play all the most underground and edgy tunes that we all know you love.

Its gonna bea-very good, a DAM good night.

P.s no cashpoint at the venue, so please bring enough dolla for entry, cocktail strips, cab home and zulfi’s.
P.P.S Please dont attempt to walk home, medsoc accept no responsibility for anyone getting lost and falling asleep in an abandoned warehouse.

New Freshers!!

Congrats to all the Freshers that received their results this week!

We can’t wait till Medic Freshers Week but in the meantime join the official facebook group and like the MedSoc facebook page to get all the information on the best 5 years of your life!



Thanks for all those who came along to help the 5th years celebrate in style. We successfully took over the original oak with gallons of ice cream, masses of strawberries and let’s not forget all that Charmaine. It was an excellent start to the summer. Good Luck to everyone doing exams WE ARE SURE YOU’LL SMASH THEM!

Loads of Love, Medsoc xxx

Medsoc AGM 2013

New Exec 2013We are your brand new exec committee!

President- Thomas Boyd, Vice – Megan Oldbury, Treasurer- Joe Wheatley and Secretary – Hannah Rogers!

We would love to say a huge THANKYOU to Nick, Callum, their team and all the committee members for making this year excellent!

Much Love, Medsoc xxx



Medics Freshers Week 2014 @ Leeds
September 29, 2014 @ 12:00 am
Straight after the freshers week we hit you with a second round of partying. That’s right little ones. No rest for you after freshers week, [...]


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